Is Your Site Meeting the Needs of Your Future Customers?

Did you know that over a quarter of your site visitors are probably first time visitors? Did you know that first time visitors are less successful than all other visitors to your site? Understanding who your first time visitors are, why they visited your site, and how successful they were during that first visit is critical in providing both a satisfying user experience and helping drive the future landscape of the site. Here are a couple of examples. When analyzing the results of almost 9,000 visitor sessions from one of our online retail customers, we found that 25 percent were first time visitors to the site. Furthermore, first time visitors had a lower success rate (41 percent) than all other visitors to the site (51 percent).

In looking at their purchase history, 84 percent of first time visitors indicated that they had made a purchase in the customer’s store. This clearly identifies these visitors as not only being current in-store customers but also as a key segment in the future of your online customer base. We also learned that 86 percent of the first time visitors indicated they were the primary shopper for their household.

Perhaps most surprising was that the core demographic of the first time visitor was predominantly 25-45 year-old females while the frequent site customers were males 35-54. The site was catering to the frequent customer but not paying enough attention to the first time visitors and their needs. These are all key metrics that need to be taken into consideration to ensure the growth of the site. The takeaway is that you should continue to understand your first time visitor population, including their basic needs when creating future designs and modifications to your site. They are your potential  future customers.


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