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This page is a place where anyone can add to the UX collective knowledge simply by adding a comment that contains a link to relevant information about user experience.

Please leave a Comment with a description of the link along with the URL.  We will review all submitted links categorize them and list the categories below.


If any of the links provided are no longer valid, please leave a comment with the invalid link.

12 comments on “Community Links

  1. rcowdrey says:

    Article on why I should worry about User Experience. Good for beginners.

    Beginning User Experience Part 1

  2. rcowdrey says:

    Usability advice comes from lots of different sources.

    Beginning Usability Article Part 1

  3. Brad says:

    An excellent recommended reading list from Jason Santa Maria that covers design, typography, grid systems, etc.

  4. Brad says:

    Personal names around the world… and the implications for form design. (via @KuraFire)

  5. rcowdrey says:

    User Experience versus convergence(replacing multiple devices with one multi-purpose)

  6. rcowdrey says:

    If you can get past the colors the info is pretty good for defining usability to beginners

  7. rcowdrey says:

    Great graphic describing different UX Careers

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